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Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Dresser to Shoe Rack!

I picked up this 3 drawer dresser on Kijiji for 26 bucks. I probably could have found something for less but in the moment I was purchasing it for clothes because my my wardrobe wouldn't fit up the stairs.

I used the dresser for about a year. I thought about leaving it behind when I moved because it is really cheap. It is press board with dark wood grain paper glued to it.
I had found my new place and it wasn't going to have a closet inside the front door and I super hate clutter, I knew I would need somewhere to put mail, shoes and empty my pockets. I opted to paint the dresser and take out the bottom two drawers (saving the drawers and hardware to add to the bed frame in an earlier post when I make the frame) and use it as a shoe rack.

 In place

Then I added above a piece of drift wood that I found and a bunch of antique hooks that I have collected over the years to go above it.

The wardrobe beside it is going to be moving else where so it will have more room