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Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Antique Door to Bed!

I have always wanted to make a bed out of an old door. I have been looking for the right door for over a year now. I thought that the perfect door would be a 5 panel old door. and this is what I was looking for. I was going to make a queen bed frame, which would have meant a few inches off each end. It would have been the perfect size.
I found some that were perfect in Restore by Habitat for Humanity.  They were charging $100 minimum for them. I thought that this sort of defeated the purpose of remaking something.
I found a few that were perfect on Kijiji but man they go fast, and are typically over priced as well if the seller as any idea how big of a fad they are at this point.

Fast forward a whole year. I am at my fathers place redoing a few pieces of furniture (the window already posted, a dresser into a shoe rack and a dresser which will both be posted soon)

I was poking around in the shed looking for some supplies to use and I see.....

I am not sure I have ever been more excited in my whole life. I got him to help dig this out and tada!
Its the complete wrong shape. Not what I was looking for at all. I decided to do some measuring anyway and playing around with some other pieces he had laying around (He is a carpenter and never gets rid of anything left over... its literally like a scrape yard for wood)
I am currently sleeping in a double. I was going to upgrade to a queen when I moved but my new place wasn't going to leave me with a ton of room for a queen. I measured the frame and the wood I had with the door... and came up with this

Obviously this is before it was cut and such and the door would be on the top part but I thought it would be perfect. My family thought I was nuts until it was put together
They finally started to see that it was pretty cool.
Once I got the knob painted and moved it into place

This was actually a little before it was completely finished. The lock is still missing here and I cut 3 inches off each side to lower it a bit. I have some pieces from a second door that I am going to be making a frame out of once I decide on something for the foot board. I also plan on painting the wall so its not white on white.