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Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Donating 16.5 inches of hair!

I have had very long hair my whole life. I have also lost many people to cancer.
My papa, my partners mother, my 8th grade teacher to name a few.

I have wanted to donate for a while but I also wanted to take my time for find a hair dresser that wouldn't mess it up. I have anxiety around getting my hair cut because so many people don't know how to cut long thick hair like mine.

Finally found one that came with good reviews and by this point my hair was long enough I was starting to sit on it.

and here it is. 5- 16.5" braids ready for donation.

They say it takes at least 10 of these braids to make just one hair piece.

If you are going to donate your hair too I would love to hear your story and see your donation photo.

Here are 3 places to donate


Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Dresser with Stain Print!

I seen this really cool dresser top on Pinterest which I have linked to below. I have never worked with stain before so it was a new experience for me.
I had this dresser that has been passed down in my family for a few generations. It was a whole twin bedroom set with a hope chest and all.
I knew when I moved back here I was going to use the dresser. I was also very aware that I would need to refinish it in some way.

I knew that it was going to be real wood underneath because of its age but I assumed it was just regular veneer. Turns out it was not exactly the case

It was a double layer of like a thin plywood and a real wood veneer all in one. It was glued down so good in some areas and not at all in others. It took a long time to get it all off. I am now regretting stripping the drawers as well because I just painted them anyway and they were a real pain.
By the time I was down getting it all off I had huge bruises on my knuckles.

I eventually got it all off and started sanding. It was really interesting to see how it was put together. The top actually had 3 pieces a crossed it. There was all kinds of notches and dings in the wood. Some were from me trying to get the glued top off and other huge ones were already in there.

I started to pencil in the design. With in 2 hours I had this really cool top. These are both still in the process before and during fixing some of the lines and before finishing the center of the flower.
I finished with a bunch of really thick clear coats.

This idea was taken from
I thought the idea was too cool and needed to do my own right away. My first piece might not be anywhere near as cool as theirs but my next one (a table) will be better.

Dresser to Shoe Rack!

I picked up this 3 drawer dresser on Kijiji for 26 bucks. I probably could have found something for less but in the moment I was purchasing it for clothes because my my wardrobe wouldn't fit up the stairs.

I used the dresser for about a year. I thought about leaving it behind when I moved because it is really cheap. It is press board with dark wood grain paper glued to it.
I had found my new place and it wasn't going to have a closet inside the front door and I super hate clutter, I knew I would need somewhere to put mail, shoes and empty my pockets. I opted to paint the dresser and take out the bottom two drawers (saving the drawers and hardware to add to the bed frame in an earlier post when I make the frame) and use it as a shoe rack.

 In place

Then I added above a piece of drift wood that I found and a bunch of antique hooks that I have collected over the years to go above it.

The wardrobe beside it is going to be moving else where so it will have more room

Antique Door to Bed!

I have always wanted to make a bed out of an old door. I have been looking for the right door for over a year now. I thought that the perfect door would be a 5 panel old door. and this is what I was looking for. I was going to make a queen bed frame, which would have meant a few inches off each end. It would have been the perfect size.
I found some that were perfect in Restore by Habitat for Humanity.  They were charging $100 minimum for them. I thought that this sort of defeated the purpose of remaking something.
I found a few that were perfect on Kijiji but man they go fast, and are typically over priced as well if the seller as any idea how big of a fad they are at this point.

Fast forward a whole year. I am at my fathers place redoing a few pieces of furniture (the window already posted, a dresser into a shoe rack and a dresser which will both be posted soon)

I was poking around in the shed looking for some supplies to use and I see.....

I am not sure I have ever been more excited in my whole life. I got him to help dig this out and tada!
Its the complete wrong shape. Not what I was looking for at all. I decided to do some measuring anyway and playing around with some other pieces he had laying around (He is a carpenter and never gets rid of anything left over... its literally like a scrape yard for wood)
I am currently sleeping in a double. I was going to upgrade to a queen when I moved but my new place wasn't going to leave me with a ton of room for a queen. I measured the frame and the wood I had with the door... and came up with this

Obviously this is before it was cut and such and the door would be on the top part but I thought it would be perfect. My family thought I was nuts until it was put together
They finally started to see that it was pretty cool.
Once I got the knob painted and moved it into place

This was actually a little before it was completely finished. The lock is still missing here and I cut 3 inches off each side to lower it a bit. I have some pieces from a second door that I am going to be making a frame out of once I decide on something for the foot board. I also plan on painting the wall so its not white on white.

Old Window....

I had always really liked the look of an old window that is re purposed. Last year I was at a flea market right before Christmas and finally found one.
I paid 20 bucks for this window.

I didn't have a fire place so I thought that it would be the perfect place to hang the stocking that I had made as well from sweaters that I picked up at the thrift shop.

 I added the hooks on the bottom to hang the stockings from. The for the top part I had picked up this little cheap wooden Merry Christmas sign from the dollar store then I used window snow. From the inside of the window I put the sign backwards on the glass and sprayed it. Then I took a branch from the tree. I was going to leave it there but it didn't sit nice, so I just used it to made the tree shape. I just lined the whole back with red sparkly mesh that I also got from the dollar store.
Simple, easy, and a total of like 25 bucks to make. 30 if you want to include the sweater stockings.

But after leaving it up for a long time and moving... I had to decide what else to do with it because I wanted the window up and not hidden in a closet for 10 months of the year.

I took an old piece of wood from my dads house, cut it to size and spray painted it with chalk board paint.

Then finally removed the merry Christmas off the top and added a calendar so that I can mark down anything that is going on during the month seeing my work schedule changes daily.

 Now I have 2 months at any given time written up on that calendar using white board markers. The bottom portion is a chalk board so I write anything that I think of.